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Patients and Practitioners Please Click Here for Information on Better Access to Mental Health 'Mental Health Care Plan Referrals'


Fees + Rebates:

Consultations are typically 50 minutes long and the fee is $170 ($45 out-of-pocket after Medicare rebate is claimed). Unfortunately, Federal Government has not increased the Medicare of $124.50 rebate since 2012.


Bulk billing (no out of pocket expense) may be available for people who are unemployed or on a pension under an appropriate Mental Health Care Plan (see 'Rebates' Below). Please check prior to first appointment. Bulk Billed appointments will be offered during normal business hours. Appointments that are cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will attract a $40 fee to cover rental costs. This fee is an out of pocket expense.

Clients with a relevant psychological problem and an appropriate Medicare referral are eligible for Medicare rebates for up to 10 visits per calendar year. The rebate is currently $124.50 per 50 minute session. Ask your GP if a Mental Health Care Plan is appropriate - if so, your GP can then prepare the plan and write you a referral. You will need to bring the referral to your first session. The full fee needs to be finalised at appointment time and the rebate can normally be processed on the spot into your EFTPOS-linked bank account.

For more information regarding Medicare rebates please visit this Government website

For non-Medicare Patients a part of the fee may be claimable with your private health fund, depending on your health plan. It is very important that you check your entitlements with your health fund before commencing.

Some insurance services involve no fee to the client since I bill the relevant party directly provided prior arrangements have been made. You must mention this and provide written evidence that the insurance company is willing to pay before the first session begins.


Workers Compensation provider number 8877

Medicare provider number upon request (due to recent fraudulent activity using my provider number with a private health fund)


Method of Payment: Cash, Visa, MasterCard, EFTPOS, and for those who hold a  Health Care Card, Bulk Billing may be available via Medicare (with an appropriate referral only - see rebates above). 



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