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Professional Responsibility - All registered psychologists are required to abide by guidelines of ethical conduct as set by the NSW Psychology Council. Additionally, members of the Australian Psychological Society (APS), a governing body for professional psychologists, are required to comply with the APS Code of ethical conduct.


Release of Client Information - All psychological sessions are confidential and all client records are confidential. Information recorded in client files will normally be restricted to essential factual data. Where there are assumptions drawn, for example from test results, it will be clearly identified as an opinion. Files are kept securely at all times.


Should it be necessary to discuss your case with anyone other than your referring doctor (e.g., another professional or family member), you will be asked to complete a Client Release of Information form. Under no circumstances is information released to any individual without having first obtained written authority from you.


Legitimate Breach of Confidence - There are at least 3 main exceptions where psychologist MUST breach confidentiality with or without your permission. These are:


1. Any disclosure which suggests that a child is at risk requires mandatory reporting (could be as simple as information about neighbour harming their child)


2. Any disclosure indicating that an individual is at risk of physical and/or criminal harm


3. A notarised subpoena from a Court to supply information


In the event of any of these issues arising, I will attempt to contact you before taking action with the relevant authority.


Please note: These rules apply to all correspondence, including email, phone, and SMS.



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